Take Out

A glittering silver ship landed in the middle of Central Park and just waited.

Soon it was surrounded by tanks, SWAT teams. A large cordon was in place. F16s filled the skies.

News teams turned up. Preachers predicted the end of days. End of the world doomsayers said they knew this going to happen and had in fact predicted it.

Suddenly a ramp extended from the ship appearing where their seemed to be no seam. A hatch opened and a lanky silver skinned alien walked awkwardly down the ramp and surveyed it’s surroundings. It’s huge eyes taking in all it beheld.

Cameras flashed, guns were pointed, a barrage of questions asked. Bullhorns crackling. In a loud amplified voice the alien said, “Why are we here? We have to eat.”

A swarm of silver ships suddenly filled the skies.



Diversified Writer

Darren is a short story and novella writer. He likes tall tales that have humour and heart. He’ll occasionally bring you poetry, finance and health blog posts.