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Sci-Fi Friday: Norma and Norman at the end of the World

Norma muttered under her breath as she picked up Norman’s socks from the bedroom floor. Again.

"Norma love, would you like a cup of tea?"
Yelled Norman from down the hallway.
"Ok love so long as we have Yorkshire left! Just the one sugar though we’re trying to conserve it remember.”
"Ok sweety."

She heard Norman humming as he made the brews in the kitchen. She snuck behind him and kissed his neck cheekily and felt his body stiffen.
She chuckled.
"Sorry love did I startle you."
Norman pointed without saying a word to the garden. Norma looked out of the kitchen window.
A creature was shambling up the path towards the house. It's face frozen in a rictus grin of a skull. Flesh was hanging off it, the thing was dragging it's left leg behind it.
Norma tutted.
"Not again. They're worse than the bloody squirrels. I'll sort it out."
She reached into the kitchen drawer and took out a round device about the size of a baseball. She bustled out of the house and into the garden.

Norman heard her chatting to it.
"Bugger off why don't you."
He heard the grenade hit the ground then counted to three and watched the zombie explode. Limbs and flesh scattered all over the garden.
"Well," said Norma as she re-entered the house, "At least it'll be good for the plants all that fresh compost. Oh and remind me to stock up on grenades were getting low again.
"Yes love. Of course."
Norman passed her a brew.
She sipped it then sighed happily.
"Oh dear, another one." said Norma.
Norman looked vexed towards the garden. This zombie was a big one, at least six feet tall and broad like it had been a body builder before it turned. It was in better shape than the previous one.
"My turn love."
Norman reached into the kitchen drawer and drew out a rolling pin.
He strode confidently out of the house and went to head off the zombie.
Norma watched as it growled aggressively at her husband.
"Oh he won't like that." she whispered.
Norman spun with the speed of a man half his age and with a perfect roundhouse kick planted a foot into the zombies chest it flew over backwards.
Norman wasted no time and smashed it's skull in repeatedly with the rolling pin until it stopped moving. Then he strode casually back to the house.
"Sorry my darling but I think you're going to need a new rolling pin."
"Not to worry love. Would you like a scone?"
"I thought you'd never ask."



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