Sci-Fi Friday: Celestial Dawn — Part 2

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5 min readDec 1, 2023

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The “Celestial Dawn” cruised through the cosmic sea toward the coordinates revealed by the enigmatic being within the black hole. The ship’s crew, Janessa Rek, Elara Mirelle, and Eran Tarn, remained on edge as they approached an uncharted region of space, their eyes fixed on the unknown that awaited them.

As they entered the designated sector, the ship’s sensors picked up faint traces of residual energy. Elara studied the readings, her brow furrowed in concentration. “Captain, it appears that whatever was here has moved on. The energy signatures are fading.”

Janessa nodded, a sense of urgency gripping her. “Set a course for the last known location. We need to find any remnants of this ancient alliance the being spoke of.”

The “Celestial Dawn” glided through the emptiness of space, the crew’s anticipation growing with each passing moment. The ship’s scanners detected a peculiar celestial structure — a colossal gateway floating in the cosmic void. The gateway’s ethereal glow pulsed with remnants of the energy once harnessed by the ancient alliance.

“Anyone getting a sense of déjà vu?” asked Eran Tarn.

As the star cruiser approached, the gateway activated, revealing a shimmering portal to another realm. A hushed silence descended on as the crew gazed upon the mysterious gateway, realizing that perhaps their journey had only just begun.

“Captain,” Elara said, her voice filled with awe, “this gateway matches the descriptions from the being. It’s a conduit to the heart of the ancient alliance’s territory.”

Janessa clenched her fists, “Prepare the ship and arm weapons. We’re going in.”

The “Celestial Dawn” entered the gateway, the fabric of space bending around it. The crew felt a disorienting shift as they traversed the threshold into an astral plane unlike anything they had experienced before, well at least since the previous week.

Emerging on the other side, the crew found themselves surrounded by a celestial city bathed in the glow of radiant energy. Towering structures stretched toward the heavens, and ethereal beings moved with angelic grace through the city scape. After performing…



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