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Sci-Fi Friday: Bob and the Waste of Time

Bob looked around the habitat. It had kept him alive longer than it had been designed to. He tapped a panel on the wall to cue voice mode.
"Pod. How long until oxygen runs out."
A soothing female voice replied.
"Twenty three hours. Fifteen minutes and five seconds."
"Pod. Estimated time until inbound ship Hercules reaches orbit.'
"Five days. Eight hour. Estimated due to...."
"Pod. Shut the fuck up."
He paced over to the kitchen area and made a coffee. He put in two sugars, then added six more for the hell of it.
"Recommended daily sugar level exceeded."
Bob sighed. He had a day to live and the pod was worried about his health.
He poured the coffee down the waste disposal.
"New matter processed. Thirty seconds added to remaining oxygen."
Bob went for his morning shit. As he exited the toilet area he heard the pod speak.
"Human waste processed. Thirty seconds added to remaining oxygen."
Bob muttered, "Not enough bitch."
The pod ignored his comment.
Suddenly a loud alarm sounded.
"Alert. Alert. Multiple life forms detected."
Bob dashed over to the scanner screen. Finally, they'd sent him here to make first contact and that's what he'd do.
The camera feeds showed him a group of alien bipeds lead a small herd of beasts. They looked friendly and happy in so far as he could discern from alien expressions. They were looking at the pod with curious eyes from a short distance away.

Bob suited up, checked his air seals, and dashed out to make first contact.
A short while later the pod spoke up.
"Caution. Weapons fire detected."
"Caution. Weapons fire detected."
"Caution. Weapons fire detected."

4 Days Later on supply ship Hercules....

"Captain, we've achieved orbit and made contact with our operative. I have good news and bad."
"Come on Number 1 it's not like…



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