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2 min readMar 31, 2023


Poem: The Cursed Necklace

The necklace was cursed, they said,
By a witch who had been burned.
It would bring bad luck to anyone who wore it,
Death to those who dared to steal it.

I didn't believe the rumours,
I coveted the necklace.
I had to have it,
Even if it meant risking my life.

So I stole it,
And I put it on.
And at first, nothing happened.
But then, the bad luck started.

I lost my job,
My house burned down,
My husband left me.
I knew it was the necklace,

I felt compelled to wear it,
Even though It was cursed,
I felt trapped,
The evil aura controlled me.

Through an effort of will
I managed to yank off the necklace
And I threw it into the fire.
As it burned I felt the curse lift.

I was free,
But I had lost everything.
I had learned my lesson,
Karma is a bitch.



Diversified Writer

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