Linzi — The Ghost Hunter Diaries: 4. Isabel

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2 min readSep 22

In the dying hours of the day the room darkened. What little light there was shone through a gap on the curtains. A few lazy dust motes floated around in the still air. In the corner on a display table was Isabel. The dust motes seemed repelled from this area of the room — as if there were some force or energy stopping them landing on the doll. Her glassy eyes viewed the world and seemed to sparkle with life. Her lilac dress was exquisite. Her hair styling and noble features gave her an uncanny realism.

The door to the room opened and a pretty blond lady entered closing the door behind her. She looked around the room holding up her phone and spoke to it.
“This is where I keep my collectibles folks. As you can see there’s quite a range of interesting items here.”
Linzi pointed to a rag doll.
“Anna here is over a hundred years old and she is said to be cursed by a witch who was shunned by her village. Personally I find Anna adorable.”
Linzi moved onto another display case.
“This Ouija board, sometimes known as a spirit board I still sometimes use on my ghost hunts — often with scary results!”
Linzi smiled which seemed to light up the dimly lit room.
“Now keep taking screen shots folks we’re looking for orbs and paranormal activity.”
There was disturbance in the air and something shot past Linzi and hit the wall at speed.
It was Anna.
Linzi’s smile faded.
“Did you see that?”
On her phone screen people responded from all over the world indicating excitedly that they had! Someone called Julie from Hull responded that she’d seen it clearly fly past Linzi’s head and had just missed her.

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