Linzi — The Ghost Hunter Diaries: 3. Reggie and Rudy

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2 min readSep 20

Linzi closes the door to the kitchen and puts her kit bag on the table. The boys look at her expectantly from their basket. She sighs, it’s been a long night of ghost hunting and the spirits had kept themselves well hidden tonight. The drive home had been long and oncoming car headlights had given her a headache.

Linzi squats down and strokes the boy’s heads. She takes out a couple of treats from her pocket and gives them one each.

Reggie licks her hand whilst Rudy nuzzles her.
“Good night my beautiful boys. Mum’s tired and going to bed now.”

Their tales thump briefly as they eye her lovingly.
“No you’re not coming with me!”
She laughs turns out the light and heads off to bed.

In the kitchen the temperature suddenly drops. Reggie and Rudy look at one another. Rudy whines. Reggie gives a small growl. A small mote of light, an orb, detaches from Linzi’s kit bag and flies around the room. It zips into cupboards and then into the fridge it zips into a bottle of milk which instantly curdles. It hovers above the kit bag as if getting its bearings.

It zooms up to Reggie and Rudy and zooms teasingly before their eyes. Rudy growls. Reggie barks. It speeds around at low height and Rudy cannot resist chasing it around the kitchen table until he is exhausted and eventually flops back into his bed. Reggie gives him a look, as if condemning his silly behaviour.

The orb floats up near the ceiling for a while before drifting upward to the sleeping form of Linzi….

Diversified Writer

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