Linzi — The Ghost Hunter Diaries: 2. Asylum

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3 min readSep 19

The building was imposing. In the middle of nowhere and surrounded by high fences. The moonlight seemed to cast long shadows that danced with the wind — tree branches or something more sinister? The owner of the old asylum had refused to attend the ghost hunt but was happy to hand over the keys. Linzi felt a chill of foreboding run through her.

Once inside she checks her equipment. The former guest “cells” are on the first floor so she’s halfway up the stairs when she hears a door slam and a loud wail of pain. She brushes her blonde locks from her face and holds her breath a moment. There are no further sounds.

Linzi finds a cell with an intact floor and sets up her equipment. A ball, a teddy, a pyramid. These are motion and pressure sensors. She sets up a camera with a thermal imager so she can also keep an eye on the temperature — a key paranormal indicator, very few natural things cause a big temperature drop indoors.

She unfolds a little chair and pours some hot water from a flask then adds a herbal tea bag to it. After letting it infuse she takes a sip and sighs happily, relaxing after a long day.

With a thud the cell door clangs closed. Linzi gave a start and nearly dropped her tea.
She takes out her electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recorder and sets it to record.
“Hello spirit. I’m Linzi. Was this your room? Do you mind me being here?”
She clicks off the voice recorder. At first silence then twenty seconds of manic laughter that sends a chill down her spine.

There was a ping as the thermal imaging camera indicated a temperature drop. Game on thought Linzi. She clicked on the EVP.
“This was your cell wasn’t it? Did they treat you well? I bet they didn’t. Tell me about your time here.”
She clicked it off and hits replay.
Immediately a scratchy voice echoes from the little recorder.
“Yes mine. I had baby. Not married.”
Linzi has done her research and knows the gentry used to lock…

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