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Linzi — Ghost Hunter Diaries 1: Precious

Linzi was framed in the doorway as the moonlight seeped in through the cracks between the slats of a boarded up window. Her blonde hair sparkled in the moonlight, her serious expression did not detract from her beauty.

She shone the torch down the corridor.
"Spirit, are you there? I wish you no harm."
There was the faintest flicker of movement at the end of the corridor.
Linzi stepped forward two steps.
She flicked on her electronic voice phenomenon recorder and waited thirty seconds before clicking it off.
She drew in a breath and pressed the playback button. Silence for twenty five seconds then a scratchy voice spoke.
"I want my...precious."
Linzi clicked off the EVP recorder and walked slowly down the corridor. Suddenly a blast of air struck her full in the face. As it died down she heard a voice.
"Come. Precious."
Another movement up ahead. She hastened down the corridor and into the room beyond. Dust hung in the air like a curtain, thick motes cross the flashlight beam like insects. A draft blew from an open fireplace. She felt a presence immediately. Spirit activity was strong here.

She took off her pack and reached into it, taking out a device in the shape of a small pyramid. She clicked it on and stepped back a few paces.
"Spirit if you're here make yourself known to me. Who is your precious?"
The pyramid flashed red on one side then started to levitate, it struck the wall hard as if thrown and then landed in the corner.

Linzi went to retrieve it and stepped through a rotten floorboard. Carefully removing her leg she saw something under the floorboard. It was an old fashioned wooden dolly with coal black eyes and a smile that was somehow chilling.
"My precious!"
The voice echoed around Linzi as if the ghost were running circles around her in excitement.
"Precious! Precious! Precious!"

Linzi placed the dolly carefully on the floor and backed out of the door. She checked her equipment and watched the temperature return to normal. Looking through the lens of her spectral camera she saw orbs slowly floating down into the dolly and disappearing into nothing. The room felt just like a damp old room now devoid of life.

Linzi smiled to herself and headed home another restless spirit was at peace.



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