Erotica: Evening Walk

She stands and stretches languidly. She takes in the smell of the blooms and listens carefully for the trickling water in the koi pond. Somewhere nearby a master berates his servant for disservice unknown. Her ample breasts strain against the sheer fabric. Pink nipples stand proud in the night air. Her muscular thighs bunch as she reach up and stretches retaining her balance.

The guard takes the knee quickly, lowering his pike from his position in the alcove.

“My Lady. All is calm.” he shifts uncomfortably before her gaze.

Hazel eyes look him up and down. His well muscled body ready for action.

She smiles and strokes his cheek gently, “You wish.”



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Diversified Writer

Diversified Writer

Darren is a short story and novella writer. He likes tall tales that have humour and heart. He’ll occasionally bring you poetry and financial blog posts.