Dave & Vinny: Shadows of Longcroft

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4 min readDec 7, 2023

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The Development
Under the setting sun’s golden hues, the Longcroft Estate sprawled out, its aging facades revealing the wear and tear of decades. Dave, was no seasoned handyman but adorned in paint-stained overalls, he surveyed the
fence his wife had tasked him with painting.

In the heart of the estate, Vinny, hastened working his way through the maze of alleyways. He eventually came bustling through Dave’s back garden gate and nearly got a paint brush in his face for his troubles.

“Dave, we can’t stand idly by while they dismantle our history for fancy bistros and high-rises,” Vinny declared, eyes ablaze with conviction.

Dave sighed and put down the paint brush.
“Vinny, what crusade are you talking about now?”
Vinny took a breath, casting a glance over the mismatched houses and wild gardens. “We’ve got to show them the soul of this place. Let’s start with the old community centre. Turn it into a symbol of our defiance.”
“Vinny I still don’t have Scooby Doo what you are talking about?”
“The developers on the edge of the estate!”
“Ah, I see.”
“Before you know it Dave the estate will be all Costa Coffee’s and Wagamama.”
“I don’t see what we can do about it.”
“Then they’ll be coming for the pubs next. The Rampant Horse will be turned into a gastro pub.”
Dave threw down his paintbrush.
“Not whilst I have a breath in my body pal!”
“That’s the spirit Dave. Now I have a plan follow me.”
The duo set forth, winding through the estate’s labyrinthine streets, their footsteps treading carefully — avoiding the dog shit. They eventually came upon the edge of the major development.

The building site felt like an impending apocalypse, as relentless bulldozers carved through the once pristine landscape, leaving behind dirty scars in the earth. The mechanical beasts, with their monstrous blades and unforgiving roars, resembled harbingers of destruction, tearing through the tranquillity that once defined the estate. Well, I use the term tranquillity with tongue firmly in cheek.
“Didn’t there used to be a playing field here Vinny?”
“Yes mate.”
“What can we do?”
“I have an idea.”
“I don’t usually like your ideas Vinny.”
“This is a beauty. Come on Dave. We’re going to the zoo.”



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