Dave & Vinny: Seed of Pure Expression

Longcroft Estate, Rampant Horse Pub.

“What’s that you’re humming Vinny?”
Dave sipped his pint.
“Oh, I dug out my old 70s prog rock albums.”
Vinny sipped his pint.
“Wow, the hours must have flown by.”
“This particular ditty is from a band called Keith Jones and the Junkyard Dogs.”
“Nice name. What’s the track called?”
“It’s called the Seed of Pure Expression.”
“Sounds like pretentious twaddle to me.”
“Dude, what’s wrong with you. There’s a 15 minute guitar solo on this album it’s a classic.”
“Wait. I knew I’d heard it before Vinny. It’s the music in a lift…



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Diversified Writer

Darren is a short story and novella writer. He likes tall tales that have humour and heart. He’ll occasionally bring you poetry and financial blog posts.