Dave & Vinny: Free Bird, Floyd and Broad Churches

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2 min readSep 29, 2022

Longcroft Estate, Rampant Horse Pub.

As the sun sets over the estate the street lamps come on slowly in some random pattern known only to the council who control such things. If they ever could have control of anything on the Longcroft estate. The warming and welcoming lights of the Rampant Horse pub shone like a beacon to a certain type of individual of a certain age. Of course that romance was soon disrupted once you entered and came across Ken’s ugly fizog. But to distract yourself from that there is a roaring log fire, an aged dart board, skittles table and jukebox full of rock classics. The jukebox controlled by Dave and Vinny who have been known to inflict harm to anyone attempting to put West Life tracks on.

This particular evening Vinny was losing himself in the sublime beauty that is Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Dave sat down to join him, fresh pint in hand, and not a word was uttered until the song ended.
They both sighed and sipped their pints. For that particular moment all was well with the world, worries were a thing of the past and even Ken’s face couldn’t bring them back from the self-induced reverie that only good rock music can achieve. A comfortably numb state of bliss.

“I’d fight any man that dissed Skynyrd’s Free Bird.” stated Vinny.
“And I’d be right beside you Vin.” added Dave.
Over at the bar Ken stopped polishing a bar pump.
“What’s your take on the mighty Pink Floyd boys?”
Dave looked at Vinny.
Vinny look at Dave.
“Sublime genius Ken.” said Dave.
“I refer you to my erstwhile colleague’s comment.” said Vinny.
“Fair enough.” said Ken.
“You two and your bloody rock music,” piped up Old Pete, “What you fools need is some northern soul in your ears.”
Vinny looked at Dave.
Dave looked at Vinny.
“Shite.” they said in stereo.
Ken, for once the mediator, interceded before there was an argument.
“Now then boys. Music is a broad church. There’s room for northern soul and rock music between these walls.
“What about Grime?” asked Lecherous Lee from the bar.
Dave, Vinny, Ken and Old Pete yelled, “GET OUT!” in unison.
Scraps growled in canine agreement.

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