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Dave & Vinny: Drone

Vinny whistled as he walked. A casual observer might have been impressed to notice the tune was Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan.

He nodded his head and gave a warm smile to a passing dog walker. Suddenly he heard a loud buzzing. His sharp eyes searched for a wasp or bee but it was a ninja amongst bees because he couldn't see a thing. Then he spotted it three kids on a patch of grass with a drone flying above them.

Vinny smiled, kids these days and their amazing technology. Not matter how good the camera on the little drone it could bring them a view of the Longcroft Estate. Vinny tried not to let that thought depress him as spied the Rampant Horse in the distance.

Upon entering the pub Dave gave him the empty pint glass wave to which he was accustomed. He was soon sat next to his friend and he slid a fresh one over to his partner in crime.
"Evening Dave."
"Eh Up Vinster. How goes it?"
"As well as can be expected for a man of my means and disposition."
"Did you see those kids with the drone?"
"I did. Amazing technology."
"Well Ken has been....droning on about them."
Vinny chuckled.
"I see what you did there. Why's he been moaning?"
"Apparently it was buzzing about his bedroom window whilst he was getting dressed."
Dave looked at Vinny.
Vinny looked at Dave.
Pints were sipped.
Looks of horror were exchanged. Dave broke the silence.
"Let's try not to have that particular mental image."
"I calmed him down anyway."
"Really how?"
"Told him they were probably just casing the joint rather than actively trying to look at his naked body."
"You're a regular bundle of cynical joy Dave. Ever thought of joining the Samaritans?"



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