Dave and Vinny: Bridlington

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2 min readSep 21

Dave was whistling as he entered the Rampant Horse pub. The whistle died on his lips as he saw that Vinny was sat at their usual table grinning and waving an empty pint glass. Dave went glumly to the bar and did the business.

He put down a pint with a plonk in front of Vinny.
“Why so surly Dave? I thought I’d beat you here for once. To be honest I might make a habit of it.”
“Smart arse” said Dave as he sat down heavily across from Vinny.
Pints were sipped.
“Anyway Vinny why are you so bloody chipper?”
“Me and Scrapps had a wonderful weekend by the seaside. It’s a little dog’s dream to chase a tennis ball across a sandy beach.”
“Really in September? Mind you it was unseasonably warm. Where did you go?”
“A fantastic life affirming place full of beauty, wonders, great food and good times. I marvelled at the statue of the Gansey girl and walked along the beach until my legs ached.”
“So where then?”
Dave spat out the beer he was drinking.
“Life affirming, full of beauty. Bridlington? Are you bloody kidding me?”
“Since when did you become a snob Dave?”
“Well it’s hardly St. Ives is it? Meaning no disrespect to Brid.”
“Clearly you’ve never seen the sun set from the beer garden of the Ship Inn. You’ve never swam in the sea on Fraisthorpe beach. You’ve never ridden the little land train from Sewerby Hall.”
“Blimey pal are you employed by the Bridlington tourist board or something.”
Vinny chuckled.
Dave clicked his fingers.
“I’ve just worked it out you got laid. You have a new squeeze in Brid so your obsession will last about five minutes until you move onto the next conquest. Which knowing you will be closer to home, maybe Hornsea.”
“Jealousy Davey boy is a terrible emotion best left at home. You’re just surly because you got the first round in for a change.”
From under the Old Pete memorial table came what sounded like a doggy chuckle.

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