Daily writing prompt: Turtle

Longcroft Estate, Rampant Horse pub.
"Dave, did you know the turtle has a prominent place in the creation myrhs of many cultures."
Dave sipped his pint.
"I was aware…

Daily Writing Prompt: Tangle

I stood under the street light. The rain lashed down like a physical entity. My thoughts were a confused tangle. I had hit rock bottom. Tears…

Writing Prompt: Woods

Longcroft Estate, Rampant Horse pub.

"What is the difference between woods and forest Jim?"
Jim sipped his pint.
"Pass me your scotch Vinny."
Vinny slid it across the table.

Saturday Sci-Fi Writing Prompt: Mystery

As the Earth became increasingly uninhabitable the last inhabitants retreated into a virtual world of mystery and romance. As the last of the whales died…

Writing Prompt: Sliver
I could see a sliver of moonlight from my hiding place. All around me they raged and howled and sniffed. For now I was safe but as soon…

Diversified Writer

Darren is a short story and novella writer with many interests. His Medium contact is mainly very short fiction and some blog posts. He posts most days.

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